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Perky Paws Pet Sitting was created in 2010 out of a love for animals, and wanting to provide the best care for them when pet parents need us most. We know that pet care requires a deep level of trust and responsibility as well as an unfailing love for all animals. We hold these values at the utmost priority and Elizabeth has built her company on honesty, integrity and compassion, and understands the need to find someone that you can trust with your furry family members. Pets are an integral part of your family, and we know how invaluable it is to have a reliable, trustworthy, conscientious pet sitter to care for your animals in your absence. Whether you book services short or long term, we will happily provide your pet companionship, respect, and exceptional care - guaranteed. We want your pets to feel relaxed, happy, and safe - this is our ultimate goal. 

Perky Paws Pet Sitting Chambersburg

Elizabeth Jones |Owner
Professional Pet Sitter

Pet First Aid & CPR Certified| Certified Veterinary Assistant

Elizabeth has surrounded herself with animals of all shapes and sizes throughout her life. She had the pleasure of growing up with three amazing dogs and a cat, who taught valuable lessons in animal behavior and grew her love for animals. Elizabeth and her husband presently have two dogs and two cats, all of whom are spoiled and well loved. Elizabeth knew she wanted to work with animals someday, and in 2010 when she decided to quit her boring desk job and pursue her dream, Perky Paws was born! Elizabeth's continued work with pets, as well as a lifetime of pet ownership, has given her an exceptional wealth of experience in handling pet personalities. She strives to make every client's experience a great one, and above all, safe and stress free. In March 2022, Elizabeth chose to transition her business to mainly cat clients, and small animals such as birds, guinea pigs and more. She provided care to dogs for almost twelve years and is happy to continue on with our kitty clients, though she will always miss the wagging tails and sweet faces that made up our dog clientele.


Cody |Professional Pet Sitter
Pet First Aid & CPR Certified |Best Belly Scratcher In Town

Cody spent the Summers of his childhood on his Grandparents farm where he helped raise cattle, tended the gardens and worked in the fields. He was also very involved with his local 4-H FFA Club K-12 which provided him experience in caring for rabbits, sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, and chickens. This experience gave him a love for animals and taught him responsibility when it comes to their care. Throughout Cody's life he has had three cats, and three dogs, and absolutely loves animals of all kinds. Cody understands the importance of having a trustworthy and dependable pet sitter, and strives to provide the best care possible. We have heard his belly scratches are amazing! Cody is Elizabeth's husband and helps when he can!



Barketing Director


Certified Snuggle Tester


Office Pest Control


Agility Training Coach


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chambersburg pet sitting pet care dog walker
chambersburg pet sitting pet care dog walker
chambersburg pet sitting pet care dog walker
chambersburg pet sitting pet care dog walker
chambersburg pet sitting pet care dog walker
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