We are open!

Perky Paws top priority is the safety of our clients and ourselves.


After a pause in most services, we are excited to be open for business and accepting bookings from current and new clients. The safety of ourselves and clients (both four-legged and two) has always been our number one priority, and continues to be during the pandemic. We are following these sanitation and social distancing protocols below. 

By observing these changes to our operating procedures, we are confident that we will be able to continue providing local pet parents with the top-notch pet services you have loved for the past ten years.



We have always washed our hands after visiting your pet, but just a reminder that we are washing our hands with hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds after our visit. 


Hand Sanitizer

We are using hand sanitizer before entering your home, as well as reapplying after exiting your home. 


Face Masks

We have face masks available to wear during visits if needed. If no one is home, we will not be wearing one as it may make your pet uncomfortable. However if you would prefer us to wear a mask at all times, please let us know and we will be sure to do so. 


Equipment Handling

Leashes and equipment (such as harnesses or collars that must be removed from the dog) will be disinfected after each use. In some instances, we may use our own leash.


Social Distancing

We will be practicing social distancing whenever possible, maintaining at least a six foot distance. This includes clients and people walking on the street. 

No - Contact Policy


A “No Contact” Policy will apply to clients that are home when we arrive for a visit.

We ask that clients please maintain a six foot distance. Whenever possible, we will call for the dog and have the dog greet us at the door to begin their walk. When we return, we will drop your dog off inside your door and let you know the walk is finished. ***Please note, this is ONLY if someone is in the home during our visit.***

Sickness and Exposure


We are doing our very best to practice the best methods for reducing exposure. 

Personally, we have not eaten at any restaurants since the beginning of March. We have not been to any stores aside from grocery stores. We are taking the health of ourselves and our clients very seriously. With that being said, we ask that you please let us know immediately if you start experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms yourself. We may suspend visits until you recover to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 


Questions or Concerns

If you have specific COVID-19 safety precaution related requests or concerns, there is now a designated space in each client’s account to make notes. We will follow up to answer any client questions or to clarify requests.


Thank You

Together we can make a difference. Together we can end this sooner. Together we can continue doing what we love, and you can continue receiving quality care for your pets. Thank you for taking the time to read our notice, and we can't wait to see your pets again soon.